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What's New

I just got my CFCanopy Guard installed for my new mCPX BL. The brushless is a whole new world of power! I’ve already destroyed one canopy waiting on the new BL guard. I don’t think they could make these canopies and thinner. The guard should do the trick.

The new mCPX BL is a little bigger than the original mCPX. When I powered it up for the first time I was definitely scared. The roar of the engines were intimidating. And boy did it jump into the air with just the slightest movement of the throttle. I could barely control it. My first thought was run, second lookout wife and third I’m going to break this into a million pieces.

It’s taken several flights to get over being nervous but I’m finally there. You better believe I'm still on guard!




CFCanopy has just opened a new store full of creative canopy guards. They offer a unique perspective on canopy design with a pinch of fun thrown in.

The 3M high quality carbon fiber textured vinyl is just like the original CFCanopy Guards. They also plan to offer the canopies themselves so you can paint the canopy any way you like.

When I finally learn how to flip my heli and fly upside down I will definitely reward myself with the INVERTED design!



There is nothing like the thrills and spills of Indoor Heli flying! You never know if one wrong move will cost you heli parts or a big screen TV...

This site is dedicated to small RC Helicopter fans and the challenge of flying indoors. This site has two goals: to help heli beginners learn faster and to promote the fun of indoor flying.

Beginner’s Perspective

As a beginner myself, I’m building this site as I learn from a beginner’s perspective. I think once you’re a heli expert you tend to forget how confusing some terms and techniques were. So, if I present the problems and solutions I had as a beginner then hopefully you will learn more quickly.

Indoor Fun!

For some strange reason my enjoyment comes from flying indoors and at this point I have never flown outside. I guess the thrill of tight spaces and precision flying my Blade mCPX is where my interest lies.

The risk and excitement of flying indoors often leads to spectacular crashes and this is why this site has so many fix-it tips. I’ve learned the hard way how to battle-proof my heli.

Most fly both indoors and outdoors and all are welcome here. So, when you have one of those wild indoor crashes get your camera out and send us your photos to post.

VIDEO TIPS: Here are some videos that can help you learn from my mistakes and how to fix and keep your heli tuned up for great indoor flying. 

INFOGRAPHICS: Sometimes heli terms and techniques can be confusing to the beginner. I hope my infographics can help you get up to speed quickly.

TRASHED HELIS: This is a place to post those wild crashes we all experience while flying indoors.

This website is a work in progress so bear with me as I roll out community features. I am developing this site myself and it will take some time for me to get it the way I want it.